possibilist fanfiction—21. give the bruises out like gifts. also currently: queer & post-colonial theory, extra dry decaf skim cappuccino, good rosé wine, mason jars, callused knuckles, all of the quiet ghosts in bloom. (& quinn fabray.)

Hmm if Dianna was in nicki minaj video anaconda I think half of you guys would be in the hospital with comas

lol possibly

Cool, where in Europe are you heading?

traveling but Zurich as a base

Have you met any other famous people besides Diana?

I’ve met scarjo, mark ruffalo, a bunch of musicians & writers

OMG congrats on meeting Dianna!! :)

lol thank you lol

I'm so happy for you that you got to meet Dianna!!! I wish I didn't live in Europe so chances of running into her were higher ^^

lol I literally leave for Europe on Wednesday so this was a brilliant lil last chance here

Dianna+cursing=my otp 0_o

same same

I'm embarrassingly squee-ing with excitement over your lucky, random meet-up with Dianna. That said, curiosity is getting the best of me, so I have to ask. . . when you spotted her in UO, how did you approach her and initiate conversation? What did you say, what was her response, and how long did you chat? TIA for attending to all these requests for details from those of us living vicariously through you by the way. :)

we were just like ‘we’re super sorry bc you probably hate this but are you dianna agron’ & she said yes & shook our hands & we introduced ourselves & asked if she was filming & how she liked the city like that’s all & then we took pics & peaced out lol nothing profound happened

Thank you! And when I've finished re-reading this universe, I'll start pestering you about the other one :)

lol ofc!! I probs remember the other one a bit better too bc it’s more recent but no worries :)

Hi! First, congrats on meeting Dianna, that must have been terrifying. Second. I wanted to re-read all of your "art of boxes" universe. Could you (maybe, please) remind me which of your stories fit in this universe? Thank you. PS: I am a fan. Love how you write.

um, I think it probably starts with kids that I once knew but for sure mother please be proud & goes up to taob, & then there are a few fics after that of deleted scenes or future stuff (they’re designated in the summary)

Hello, you said "we just were like how’s filming" about your meeting with Dianna, can I ask what she said about the filming? :)

she just said they were almost done

(one more thought then I'll stop pestering you, lol) The attractive comparison... I look it as, I've met both Eliza Dushku & Tilda Swinton, IMO both unbelievably gorgeous. Just like Dianna, they're SO stunning that it's rather like meeting the Greek muses or something. One really cannot compare one's self to them because it's rather like they're a whole 'nother step in evolution. (For the record, yes, I know they're 'just folks' & both were SO down to earth, but still! lol) Have a great day! : )

lol nah dianna was cool & I have just loads of dysmorphia no matter what so eh it doesn’t matter really like it’s there & it’ll be there forever no matter how many unnervingly attractive people I meet

I'm curious about one thing, your friends know who Dianna was before yesterday? And that you are a fan of her? :)

um they knew her bc I’m a fan but not bc they’d ever watched her in anything

but after they met her they were almost as flustered as me bc she’s that pretty lololol

(my friends are also super straight & they were so cute abt the whole thing bc they were like, wow I see why you got over your sexuality stuff with that one wOW hahahahaha)

Respectfully, 'gorgeous' is in the eye of the beholder, not the beheld. The beheld never seem to see the beauty that the rest of the world does. As for the Quinn/strap-on bits, hey, you never know, that may well be cause for Dianna to be an even BIGGER fan! She's sassy, so she may well dig her character being such an awesome top in fiction. lol! But ALL of your writing is magnificent. You have a true gift & talent. And your friends sound absolutely brilliant! We should all be so blessed. : )

well merci lol but yknow my self esteem is like down in the gutter rn more than normal bc just apparently you should never take a pic with someone that attractive but anyway lol

& lol I might have actually died if she read those & we were all trying to be cool so there’s no way in hell I’d have told her lol

they’re the v best of friends we went to get drinks afterward & our poor waitress we were all just hot messes it was quite an eventful afternoon

Ahahaha, you two have a good sense of fashion, tho. I'm happy and strangely proud of you. :)

lol I mean. thank you lol I had a moment in the midst of panic where I was like ‘at least I look cute rn’ bc like I was meeting people for drinks instead of just errands in running shorts lol

but. thank you :)

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