possibilist fanfiction—21. give the bruises out like gifts. also currently: queer & post-colonial theory, extra dry decaf skim cappuccino, good rosé wine, mason jars, callused knuckles, all of the quiet ghosts in bloom. (& quinn fabray.)

hey, writing question here because i adore basically everything you do. what are your thoughts on editing? how do you go about it?

in terms of srs things (i don’t edit fanfic at all) like poetry or crit theory, i usually kick out a first draft all at once or within two or three days (if it’s v long for theory), & then after that i print everything out & mark it by hand. over the course of the next week i do that a couple of times, & then i send it off to buddies or profs to edit. after the feedback i edit again & then—if it’s due—turn it in. if it’s poetry or theory that i’m just working on, i either submit (if it’s poems) or just keep expanding (if it’s crit theory). & in terms of poetry, after i have a solid bit of work assembled, another portion of editing is ordering the poems into a chapbook/collection, so then that’s a big long process as well.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014
Hey, so I'm a runner and I usually listen to music when I run. Problem is, I'm bored with my music. Any recommendations?

i’ve been so so so into bleachers lately. sam smith is great obvs. i really adore lo-fang, banks is doing some rad new stuff, sylvan esso, charli xcx.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014
have you ever listened to mal blum?

a bit, i’m not a gigantic fan but they’re not bad.

(currently i’m super into bleachers so they’ve taken over everything rn in my music world)

Do you think writers/ poets usually end up writing about themselves and the people around them?

i think everything anyone ever writes (or creates in general) is about themselves in some way—you create to discover or escape your ghosts & the light between, no matter what you’re creating.

any possibility of fics with Santana & Megan, Spencer & her gf?

for spencer, def only as a side sort of thing. most likely the same for Meagan & Santana.

also I’m just super swamped with real life rn in general so idk when I’ll write fic

What is Kurt and Quinn's relationship like?

it’s probably a bit strained early on when she & Rachel date sophomore year of college, mostly bc everyone sort of knew how that would immediately end, & ofc Santana is obligated to take Quinn’s side & Kurt is obligated to take Rachel’s side—at least at face value, bc objectively San & Kurt know that little disaster was definitely a two-sided thing.

but as Quinn gets older & more stable & better, Kurt grows to like her a lot. mainly bc she’s become sweet & brave & tender & so kind at the same time she’s still driven & intense & hardworking—& she cares for Rachel more than anything in the world. Kurt is hesitant when Rachel & Quinn start dating again senior year—bc it ended awfully for both of them last time & he’s intensely protective of Rachel—but after a few months he sees that determined & healing Quinn is so, so good for Rachel, & really loving.

so from that point on as they get older, Kurt grows quite, quite fond of Quinn. they like getting drunk together bc they get to be snarky but not as crass as Santana or clingy as Rachel & they like to tell funny stories about San & Rachel too. Kurt still takes Rachel’s side in whatever stupid arguments the two of them get it, but when it’s mostly Rachel’s fault, he talks her down a little bit & reminds her of all of the good parts of Quinn. when Quinn gets sick or hurt, Kurt (& Santana) are the ones she calls on to take care of Rachel—bc even sick that’s what Quinn is most worried about.

all in all I think they’re both smart & mildly uptight & very pretentious & unexpectedly kind humans that adore Rachel, so for the most part they’re very fond of one another.

would you ever date someone younger/older than you?

ofc. I’ve done both & at this point bc I’m ahead in school, slightly older people & I seem to click better in the long run

but like. idk the idea of basing someone’s maturity off of age is a weird thing to me so I just care more about people being in the sort of same life space as I am & not so much a number

so I'm gonna spend all next year in the UK thanks to a scholarship I won. I am both scared and fucking excited. Any survival tips?

lol um. I travel incredibly haphazardly & mostly just do things by myself so. always have a bottle of water & a snack with you, is probably the best one I know. oh, & proper outerwear bc I always get cold.

but yeah no. just be smart about it. especially in the UK (& I assume at least adventures all over Western Europe—take lots of trains) there’s not going to be an incredible amount of CULTURE SHOCK or anything. talk to locals when you want to go somewhere good to eat. go to museums for the day by yourself & don’t take pictures of any of the paintings, let them remember their own amazement organically.

but really—the more you travel the more you’ll be amazed & let down simultaneously by the world. bc at the heart of things there’s not much difference between two people from any parts on earth: we all really just want the same things.

Who's your Yale Wife then? The awesome dates we've been hearing about?

pahaha no awesome dates are with randoms I just have been practicing for all of my date ideas

& I cannot disclose who Yale wife may or may not be bc that hasn’t happened yet lol but. a potential candidate has def been located

Monday, 28 July 2014






see the ball

feel the ball

be the ball

possibilistfanfiction is this your soccer and sleeping position?

well I mean. I’m about to go to a rooftop bar with profs after I spent last night puking in the hospital & today just barely keeping anything down so

probably this is an applicable picture for much of what Yale Wife will deal with

Hi. So I've started eating a lot healthier, and somewhat clean. I also run. I've started drinking a lot more water than before (I rarely drank water and now I'm drinking about 9 glasses a day). My problem is that I've gained a couple pounds even though I've been eating healthy and drinking a lot of water. I've noticed my shorts have gotten tighter too (and I'm doing ab exercises). Do you think my weight gain is water weight and temporarily? I don't know who else to ask and you eat healthy so...

currently I’m not in a position to really talk about this healthily but if you’re not drinking a ton of water it’s most likely not that; just remember that eating healthier doesn’t mean you get to eat gigantic portions or anything. if you’re really worried see a nutritionist or a doctor.

Same anon that asked for drug fic: sorry if I offended you with that request. I didn't mean to.

nah, it’s not offensive, just something I don’t particularly want to write about

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