possibilist fanfiction—21. give the bruises out like gifts. also currently: queer & post-colonial theory, extra dry decaf skim cappuccino, good rosé wine, mason jars, callused knuckles, all of the quiet ghosts in bloom. (& quinn fabray.)

I know other people have said this too but holy moly your photos look like professional post card shots! I'm travelling vicariously through them.

aw thanks man! i take them on my phone so that’s quite a compliment :)

Do Quinn and Rachel ever take advantage of the fact that one of their closest friend owns a popular restaurant? Or do they ever drum up even more business for Megan, unknowingly or knowingly?

oh absolutely. it’s not ‘taking advantage of’ in the negative sense, though—megan is always happy for their support & the cliental they usually bring in, as well, & quinn & rachel always tip spectacularly.

I've been debating on whether or not I should tell my parents that I'm gay, but I'm really not sure how they'll react, and I don't want them to kick me out, or something. I just hate having to constantly watch what I say(as in, I accidentally called myself a lesbian, instead of vegetarian, and I'm still slightly panicking over whether or not they caught it. I'm not sure why I said it either, cause it's not what I was thinking at all, but my brother got a kick out of it) Do you have any advice?

being in the closet really, really sucks, & i think if you’ve the financial means & a solid backup plan if they do kick you out, then maybe you should come out. however, if you don’t, it can be really, really difficult, & that’s not fair, but that is my advice—make sure you’d be okay if they did kick you out. being honest, for me—getting to be honest—is wonderful, but if you would be unsafe, consider it very carefully. you’ll get to leave & come out eventually, & it’s important to weigh your options. (don’t get me wrong—i’m absolutely not a fan of having to offer advice like that, but it seems like important advice.)

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because she didn’t wanna bleed on people and it was a nice day. I’m putting that on possibilistfanfiction's tombstone after she's lived a long fulfilling life being a shit like this.

fanfiction,net/s/6786659/1/promontory, this might be the fic that anon was looking for, the one where quinn is a prostitue

there ya go :)

in other news absinthe hangovers aren’t the most fun but they’re also not as bad as gin hangovers

also—Budapest time

Thanks for the advise for my creating writing class. I'll try writing first pov for my next piece, but this one is very personal so I think I can get away with second pov. We're doing poetry next, which made me think to ask you.

cool cool :)

Does Brittany end up finding someone like Santana finds Megan?

I think Brittany finds her loves in all sorts of people & places & moments. to me she’s not a monogamous, one love only kind of person, which is totally fine to disagree with. Brittany’s love & wonder just seems so big, & people like that astound me bc they’re just constantly falling in love with the world, with existence. it’s so beautiful. & I don’t really think people like that are structured for monogamy. I can see Brittany being in a really fantastic polyamorous relationship for a while, is the closest I’d think of in terms of her finding another person.

Im looking for a fic where quinn is a prostitude and i think living with mercedes and she's still in high school and one of her clients ends up to be karofsky and then rachel finds out and pays quinn for an hour but they dont do anything and they keep doing that and rachel always brings her food and then brittany and santana finds out and theres a line that says that rachel was literally dying of worry or something like that. Please help me i cant find it

I’ve read this probably 3(?) years ago so I don’t remember the title but

anyone know?

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in other news—who’s in Budapest/has suggestions for Budapest in the next few days?

will you be in switzerland next weekend? do you like wine?

I’ll be in France next weekend, actually.

but as to wine—absofuckinglutely

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